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The Rossmores were landlords in the Monaghan area for centuries. Their estate is now a forest park run by Coillte and open to the public. Attached is a fine 18 hole golf course.

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1. Rossmore in Spring - The bluebells emerge.
2. Rossmore in Spring - Bluebells at the lakeside.
3. Rossmore Golf Club - The view from the 11th tee.
4. Rossmore in Spring - Wild garlic in bloom
5. Rossmore in Spring - Bluebells at Priestfield lake.
6. Rossmore in Spring - Wild garlic by the pathway.
7. Rossmore in Spring - The forest floor.
8. Rossmore in summer - The castle lake.
9. Rossmore in summer - Rhododendrons at the castle lake.
10. Rossmore in summer - Morning mist.
11. Rossmore in summer - Rhododendrons reflection
12. Rossmore in summer - The swan family
13. Rossmore in summer - Cloud reflection
14. Rossmore in summer - The dragon fly at rest.
15. Autumn in Rossmore - Two roads diverge in a wood.
16. Autumn in Rossmore - Fallen leaves at Preistfield lake.
17. Autumn in Rossmore - Resting place.
18. Autumn in Rossmore - Leafy carpet
19. Rossmore Golf Club. The pond at the 2nd green.
20. Rossmore in winter - The picnic table.
21. Rossmore in winter - Ice on the castle lake.
22. Rossmore in winter - The bridge in snow.
23. Rossmore in winter - Snowy path at Priestfield

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