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Some winter scenes from County Monaghan's "big freeze" 2010-2011
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Thatched cottage, Ballinode
Ballinode church
St Dympna's Church Ballinode
St Dympna's clock tower
Frozen Blackwater, Ballinode
The park gate, Ballinode
Frozen weir, Ballinode
Bend in the Blackwater, Ballinode
Tree by the river, Ballinode
Frosty trees at Rafeenan, Ballinode
Frosty branches
Bend in the road, Sliabh Beagh
Bragan picnic area
The Penal Cross, Bragan
Tracks in the snow, Sliabh Beagh
Sunglow, Bragan
Castle Lake, Rossmore Forest Park
Picnic tables, Rossmore Forest Park
Pines against the sky, Rossmore Forest Park
Priestfield Lake, Rossmore Forest Park
Rossmore in Winter
Summer seat

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